Wow, I just finished my first closing on my first “flip” property. There were many things to learn on the fly and many hurdles to hop. One of my bright spots was Commercial Lending, LLC. Finding the financing to do your first flip is by far one of the most important and one of the most difficult things to do!!! I ultimately chose Commercial Lending, because there rates were fair, they were Real Estate Investor friendly and it didn’t take your “first born” to get the loan. Paperwork was to the point and the waiting time for approval was very quick. I would definitely recommend to my fellow Real Estate Investors!!

Kevin Reed

I was relieved to hear you could review and approve my loan for free, very happy with the entire process. Thank you!

Rodger Goodwin

Thank you so much Commercial Lending, LLC for making the loan process so easy for me. I’ve been looking for a Hard Money lender that closes deals quickly and has great programs. You have all of that and much more. Can’t wait to do many more deals with you.

Jason Richmond

I have enjoyed working with Commercial Lending, LLC for many years. They are very professional and they have always supported me in achieving my goals through speedy closings, great rates and excellent customer service. Thank you Commercial Lending, LLC.

Elizabeth Holstead

Commercial Lending, LLC is very dependable, they have an unlimited source of funds, they respond in a timely fashion and they also have the cheapest rates in town for private lending. It’s always a pleasure to do business with them.

Brian Ackerson

Extremely responsive, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I recommend Commercial Lending, LLC to any other investors I meet.

Kathyrn Morgan